Carrie Cavins has been a resident in Houston, TX over ten years where she has designed for several companies such as Main Street Theatre, Classical Theatre Co., Prague Shakespeare Co., and Opera Vista, to name a few. She has garnered glowing reviews with several productions such as Powder Her Face, Richard III, and Henry V.

Carrie started out acting in high school and community theater, which influenced her college career and exposed her to theater design. Carrie currently holds a B.A. in Theater Design from the University of Tulsa, and an M.F.A. in Theater Lighting Design from California State University, Long Beach. While in California, she designed many of the shows presented by the university; as well as for the university repertory, California Repertory Company. She has traveled abroad designing several Shakespearian productions and a few operas for Skylight Theatre in Milwaukee, WI. Carrie has designed for straight plays, dance, operas, musicals, and youth theatre.

She has also worked in the architectural field of commercial and residential design utilizing her love of theatre lighting to create unique architectural lighting designs in commercial and residential applications. Carrie has several commercial and residential designs spanning to several areas around the Houston area. Her skills also span into the lighting applications field where she has been trained in utilizing software programs for design applications.